GardenWorks Program Participants Join KAC’s Lineup at Kenosha’s Outdoor Markets


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GardenWorks Program Participants Join KAC’s Lineup at Kenosha’s Outdoor Markets

July 30, 2021 (Kenosha, WI.) – Kenosha Achievement Center’s (KAC), empowering individuals of all abilities, GardenWorks program participants are preparing to sell handmade jewelry and tie-dye t-shirts at Kenosha’s Public Market (625 52nd Street) on Saturday, August 21 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

GardenWorks is an Adult Services program at KAC where participants engage in nature, learning the growth cycle from planting seedlings all the way through harvesting. Most program participants look forward to harvest time the most because that is when they can cook and create handmade products with the plants grown.

At the end of the season, when the garden is cleaned out for the following year, GardenWorks gets to work preparing items to sell at their Winter Market. Obtaining a booth at Kenosha Public Market allows program participants to have an additional opportunity to make and sell their beloved handmade products. Shoppers can expect to find jewelry, such as bracelets and necklaces, and tie-dye shirts available for purchase.

Proceeds from sales at Kenosha Public Market benefit Peer Council, which is KAC’s participant-led program committee. Program participants can join Peer Council, where they discuss activities and goals with their Direct Service Providers and other members of the KAC team. They also fundraise to give back to and enhance the program. For example, recently, Peer Council voted to bring a music program to KAC. With funds raised, they were able to purchase exercise balls to use as drums as well as drumsticks. Peer Council provides an opportunity for everyone involved to listen to each other and work together to make everyday more fun. 

“KAC’s GardenWorks participants look forward to and value creating their handmade items,” says Marta McAllister, agribusiness specialist at KAC. “Sometimes we make products to keep and sometimes we make products to sell. Whenever we make items for personal use, everybody has so much fun wearing and showing off whatever it is that they created. We hope those who shop at Kenosha Public Market enjoy the items they purchase just as much as all of us at KAC enjoyed making them!”

For questions or special orders, contact Marisa Markowski at or (262) 658-9557.

About Adult Services:

The core of KAC’s Adult Services is increasing independence through community involvement, socialization and developing life skills. Service offerings include Day Program, Voyage, Pre-Employment, Community Employment, Benefit Assistance and Summer Exploration. Each program, whether an individual attends KAC to find a job, socialize with friends, or a different reason, offers individualized plans that help people meet their goals.

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