KAC’s Legislators’ Breakfast Opens Discussion on Matters Impacting Individuals with Disabilities


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KAC’s Legislators’ Breakfast Opens Discussion on Matters Impacting Individuals with Disabilities

Feb. 7, 2020 (Kenosha, WI.) – Kenosha Achievement Center, empowering individuals of all abilities, hosted an Annual Legislators’ Breakfast on Friday, Feb. 7. Local and state legislators and public officials as well as KAC staff members, program participants and their families met to discuss the matters impacting our community, including accessibility, disability rights and other personal experiences.

This year’s panelists consisted of WI State Representatives Samantha Kerkman (District 61), Tip McGuire (District 64), Tod Ohnstad (District 65) and Robert Wittke (District 62) as well as Kenosha Mayor John Antaramian and Kenosha County Executive Jennie Tunkieicz. Panelists provided their insights into today’s conversations and upcoming bills, including efforts to help visually impaired individuals and addressing guardianship training.

Kenosha Achievement Center has been a leader of change in our community since the 1960’s and provided a glimpse into four service categories: Adult Services, Elderly & Disability Benefit Services, Children Services and Transportation.

Conversation also covered the benefits cliff, which is when individuals or families struggle to get out of the poverty level due to benefits being taken away once a certain income threshold is met. Although a new income level is met, taking away their support system too soon increases their vulnerability. Other areas have combatted this with tier systems which gradually adjust benefit access; KAC asks legislators to take the time to find a solution that fits best.

Legislative conversations are extensive and sometimes overlook our community’s concerns. KAC’s annual Legislators’ Breakfast serves as an opportunity for legislators and public officials to provide policy updates and join in on the discussion surrounding the matters impacting individuals with disabilities. This event also provides an environment which welcomes open conversation for KAC staff, program participants, families and officials to share their experiences and think about how to continue creating and improving an inclusive community.

For more information, check out an extended overview of the 2020 event on KAC’s blog or contact Marisa Markowski at (262) 658-9557 or mmarkowski@thekac.com.

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