Meet KAC: Nate’s First Semester

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Meet KAC: Nate’s First Semester

Remember Nate?

Back in December, we told the story of how KAC’s Voyage program gave Nate a sense of community and helped him build the confidence he needed to pursue more education.

Now that he’s finished his first semester at UW-Parkside, we asked Nate to share how he’s doing.  The following is an update in his own words.

The End of the Beginning
A personal account of one student’s first semester at UW-Parkside

I started my college journey as a University of Wisconsin Parkside’s Communications Major
back in February, 2022. Before that, I hadn’t attended school in over four years when I
completed an Associate’s degree at Gateway Tech. Naturally, I was nervous. My daily routine
was about to be uprooted again, but only for the better. And after one long, stressful semester, I
can confidently say I am proud to have chosen the path I did.

My first semester was strictly online, and because of this, I can’t comment on the rushed
social life of a Parkside campus Ranger, nor do I fully understand all the obstacles that attending
in-person will bring; nevertheless, the work and lectures online were tough. Two discussion
board posts, three assignments, and two quizzes every week––oh, and the eighteen-page paper I
had to write for my final! Fortunately, I love writing, so it wasn’t so bad for me.

The Kenosha Achievement Center has helped me grow so much as a person. Thanks to
the awesome members of the Voyage program that I get to call my friends, I have learned how to
speak up for myself in a way I never could previously. The life lessons KAC has taught me have
been a great utility for me to focus on my schooling, while still participating in the program’s fun
events and activities. So long as class doesn’t overlap with my scheduled times within the
Voyage program, I hope to remain an active member of the KAC, and continue to hang out with
my friends.

If you’re reading this and have been debating the idea of returning to school, I’d say go
for it. As long as you’re willing to put in the effort and do the work, returning to school can be as
easy or difficult as you make it. Make smart decisions as to the courses you start with, and
everything after that will come like a breeze.


Thank you, Nate, for sharing your story.  We know you have a bright future.


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