Meet KAC: How Katherine Trusted KAC with her future

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Meet KAC: How Katherine Trusted KAC with her future

Katherine is a program alumna who came to KAC for help achieving her dream.

After participating in Early Intervention as a toddler and Summer Employment Exploration as a high school student, she once again turned to KAC. She was confident KAC could help her find not just a place to work but the right job for her future.

She wanted meaningful employment.

She wanted to use and develop her skill working with people.

She wanted to be independent.

People with disabilities often need support when entering the job market. KAC employment specialists understand this and work to ensure the best possible fit.

“We take a systematic approach to helping individuals get their dream job and keep it,” says Michelle George, community employment specialist at KAC. “This is equally as important to the employer so that they get a great employee, like Katherine, and know they will be supported when needed. Turnover is costly to individuals and employers.”

It is equally important for both the employee and the employer to be happy a job placement. That’s why George describes her role as an, “employer match-maker,” because she helps individuals fulfill their dreams while also helping employers fill open positions.

With the help of KAC employment specialists, Katherine found a job at Festival Foods. The KAC team provides the support she needs to excel at her job and learn new tasks and procedures. Katherine found a job that suits her strengths and her employer found an employee who is committed to exceling on the job. It’s a win-win.

Our community is filled with young adults like Katherine.

With your support, we are working to build a bright and meaningful future for every one of them. Click here to make a donation now.

Check this space to read more stories like Katherine’s. During the holiday season we will update with a new KAC success story every week. You can also visit us on Facebook to receive notifications when new stories are posted.

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