Explore Kenosha with Let’s Roam

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Explore Kenosha with Let’s Roam

Let’s Roam is a unique scavenger hunt app where players purchase tickets for scavenger hunts in various cities. These scavenger hunts are completed in an app which guides you through the full process. You can chose scavenger hunts for Kenosha, Racine, Milwaukee or beyond!  With hunts that focus on on history, art, entertainment or sports everyone is able to find an option that fits you and your family’s interests!

Once your tickets are purchased you are ready to go! (Note: each person with a device will need a ticket to participate.) The app will give you a specific location to start at and a few customization options. To give you control over your experience, you can choose whether you wanted to work together with your fellow hunters or compete against each other, say whether you are a seasoned local or just visiting, and decide if you want to interact with people outside of our group for photos and questions.  After you make your selections, the fun begins!

Lets Roam also has a variety of challenges within the hunt that require hunters to take photos and videos of things seen. Some were specific to the locations in the hunt, but there are also bonus challenges to complete while walking between locations. These challenges can including finding a license plate from another state, video yourself quoting Disney movies, take a picture pretending to play an instrument, and much more!

After you’ve completed all the locations in your hunt, Let’s Roam gives you a breakdown of your game and your total score. It also shows how you compare to other people who have finished the same hunt. You can also get results like who answered the most questions correctly between your group, who completed more bonus challenges, and who answered the fastest. If your family is competitive, you’ll definitely enjoy comparing those stats!

The hunt alone is very informative and educational, and there are ways you can expand on it for more educational value. For example, you could have your children pick a location you visited and do a brief report on it. Or, you could have them do some research and find a few locations in the city that weren’t included in the hunt. They can then come up with questions and make their own mini hunt! For younger children, you could guide them to make a simple scrapbook showing what you did that day. You can print out any fun photos you took and have them write short sentences about the places they saw.

Let’s Roam packages will be available in auctions and other fundraising activities at KAC events throughout the year. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the fun and explore!

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