EIP PRESENTS: Parental Education Videos – Part 3

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EIP PRESENTS: Parental Education Videos – Part 3

Our Parental Education Series concludes by once again focusing on the emotional needs of the parent.  With the stresses of the past few years, it’s easy for parents to neglect their own emotional needs and exist in survival mode.   Most parents default to putting their children first which can have unintended negative consequences if their own needs aren’t met.  It is important not only that we care for our mental and emotional health not only for our own well-being but so we can model appropriate self-care for our children.

The videos in Part 3 of our series focus on strategies for managing our own thoughts and feelings as well as tips for staying fully present with our children.


Episode 9: Staying Calm and Carrying On – Managing our Thoughts and Feelings

Being a parent is one of the most challenging and joy-filled jobs there is. Everyone is different. There is no shame in having any of the thoughts we may have as parents. Being a parent does not come with an instruction manual. Come along on this quick journey to help you better accept who you are as a parent. And along the way, we will give you some quick strategies to handle things when life seems to be getting away from you.

Episode 10:  The Best Present is Your Presence

Join us on this journey about becoming more intentional with our time spent with our children. Learn to pay attention with a purpose so that you help your child build attachment, a sense of safety, and self-esteem. Being present physically AND emotionally is the key to parenting.


KAC’s Parental Education Series is brought to you by a Social Emotional (SE) Development Grant from WI DHS. The initial goal of the grant is to enhance SE health and build family capacity by focusing on improving parent responsiveness to the SE needs of children, including communication, play, recognizing and regulating emotions, and relationship building.  The first introduction of KAC’s Parental Education Series is available HERE.

Our team continuously works to provide additional educational resources for parents and families.  For more information, click here to learn about KAC’s Children Services.

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