Meet KAC: Our team of Direct Support Professionals

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Meet KAC: Our team of Direct Support Professionals

KAC’s team of Direct Support Professionals helps keep our Adult Services up and running. Keep reading to learn more about our team, some of their favorite memories and some fun facts!

Meet Anais

Case Manager | Three Months

Anais is a newer member of the KAC team, but she has already made a great impact. Her favorite part of the job is interacting and spending time with program participants. Recently, she enjoyed showing off her baggo skills during our outdoor programs and putting together a “Get to Know your Case Manager” pop quiz for staff. One fun fact about Anais is that she is a triplet!

Meet Jenny

Case Manager | Five Years

Jenny’s favorite part of her job is getting to know each of the individuals she serves. In fact, the better she can get to know them, the better she can help them reach their goals. She is an avid organizer, which comes in handy both at work and at home. Jenny is looking forward to seeing how KAC’s employment training program continues to grow.

Meet Laura

Direct Service Provider | Seven Months

Laura looks forward to spending time with not only all of KAC’s program participants but also her coworkers, especially once the music turns on. Laura enjoys having fun singing and dancing with everyone during program. One of KAC’s newer program activities includes drumming, which is also a lot of fun. One fact about Laura is that she can touch her nose with her tongue!

Meet Lynn

Job Coach | 29 Years

Lynn has experienced KAC through many different lenses throughout her time on our team. Through it all, her favorite part has been standing by the sides of all of KAC’s program participants and helping them grow. In the past, she has enjoyed the friendly competition at KAC’s summer picnics. New to the position of job coach, Lynn is looking forward to being a part of growing our employment training program.

Meet Mario

Community Employment Specialist | Three Months

Mario is another newer member of the KAC team. So far, he enjoys how everyday presents unique challenges. Whether he is providing jobsite training or reviewing resumes, no two days are the same. He is excited to be a part of the team because his manager, Gary, was actually one of his college professors! Mario also looks forward to getting to know his clients more and helping more people find their dream jobs.

Meet Marta

Agribusiness Specialist | 26 Years

Marta has made so many precious memories over her years at KAC. One of her favorite moments was when she transformed KAC’s program, and her career, by introducing the GardenWorks program. Since then, she always looks forward to harvesting time, so she can see how proud each program participant is when they pull up their own carrots and other veggies. Surprisingly, Marta doesn’t have her own garden at home, but her green thumb has helped KAC’s garden come to life.

Meet Michelle

Community Employment Specialist | 14 Years

Michelle is an employment champion, helping individuals of all abilities meet their goals on and off the job. She takes pride in seeing the individuals she works with become successful. Outside of work, Michelle loves going to concerts, seeing live music and bowling. As KAC’s community employment specialist, Michelle looks forward to continuing to develop new relationships with local businesses to provide even more job opportunities.

Meet Rachel

Direct Service Provider | Seven Years

The smiles on program participants’ faces are proof of the happiness that Rachel brings to the room. She always creates laughter at KAC as she enjoys joking around and having fun with everyone around her. Whether at KAC with program participants or at home with her friends and family, she enjoys singing karaoke and dancing. Rachel looks forward to the new adventures that each new day has in store.

Meet Stephen

Direct Service Provider | Three Years

Stephen is a teacher of peace and love, spreading joy to all KAC staff members and program participants. He enjoys being able to make a difference in people’s lives and has a positive impact in our community. His favorite memory includes spending time with his coworkers, meeting Marta and participating in group outings. One fun fact about Stephen is that he is a vintage toy collector! 

Meet Sydney

Community Integration Specialist | Six Months

Sydney manages the Voyage youth program, where she enjoys getting to know the program participants and watching them accomplish their goals. One of her favorite memories so far is attending the Kingfish game — a day full of cheering on Kenosha’s home team and having fun. She has also enjoyed being a part of Kenosha Awesome Cookies and looks forward to seeing how the project grows.


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