Meet KAC: How Addy Came to Thrive


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Meet KAC: How Addy Came to Thrive

Imagine not knowing how to connect with your child. 

Amanda suspected her two-year old daughter, Addy, had autism. Getting a diagnosis was difficult, and a great deal of time went by without any helpful answers. In the meantime, she didn’t know how to help Addy. She was tired, worn out and overwhelmed.  

Addy struggled to adjust to her environment and was only able to express herself by screaming. Amanda felt lost and unable to communicate with her daughter. “I need help to unlock my Addy,” she said tearfully.

We helped Amanda find the key.

Everything changed when Amanda came to KAC. Everything changed when Amanda was introduced to the Early Intervention Program (EIP) at KAC.

The Early Intervention Program team worked with both Amanda and Addy to find new solutions and new ways to be a family. They helped Amanda understand the services available and provided emotional and professional support. They worked tirelessly to make sure Addy received the services she needed. They supported the whole family.

Addy now speaks in full sentences and plays with other children. Our team was right there through these milestones, and we were right there during the setbacks too. We were there, celebrating and crying, every step of the way.

Amanda is no longer afraid to ask for what her child needs. She fearlessly advocates for all three of her children. She understands Addy’s sensory needs and the possible causes of her screaming.

Their lives have completely turned around. The difference between surviving and thriving.

You can help others find their key.

There are many kids like Addy in our community.  There are many parents like Amanda who don’t know where to turn.

You can make sure Addy and so many others start 2022 with what they need. Click here to to donate now.

Or click here to check out KAC’s blog and read more stories like Addy’s (more coming soon!) You can also visit us on Facebook to receive notifications when new stories are posted.

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