The Impact of Mothers on Early Child’s Development

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The Impact of Mothers on Early Child’s Development

There is a lot that goes into the development of young children, but one of the most important factors is parental involvement and the bond that mothers form with their children. That bond begins when the baby is in the womb and strengthens once the baby is born. 

Building a healthy attachment with the child matters as it will affect how they form different types of relationships in the future. The Attachment Theory indicates that a strong emotional and physical bond to a caregiver in the primary years of life is critical to a child’s development.

The theory argues that children with strong attachments tend to feel more secure and are able to form healthy relationships than others. On the other hand, children with a weak attachment to the parents tend to be more untrusting to the world around them and therefore have a hard time forming relationships with their peers. Mothers and caregivers who provide their children with constant attention, love and encouragement tend to help their children build high self-esteem which allows them to connect with others. 

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that the following practices will help form healthy child’s development:

  • Following the child’s lead and responding in a predictable way
  • Showing warmth and sensitivity
  • Having routines and household rules
  • Sharing books and talking with children
  • Supporting health and safety
  • Using appropriate discipline without harshness

Generally speaking, we can say that mothers and caregivers play an impeccable role in developing their child’s personality and healthy traits. That will help them not only build healthy relationships with others, but also provide them with the basis that will help their physical and mental health.

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